Summer Health and Seniors

Summer is a wonderful time of memories made, fun in the sun, and time with family and friends.  Summer is also, unfortunately, a time when the health risks are on the rise for senior citizens.  Summer time brings with it increased heat indexes, humidity, and yes, lots of extra sunshine.  Here are a few things to look out for if you’re a senior citizen (or have one in your life):

  • Hydration is key – We list this first because it is probably the most important piece of advice we can dispense. Staying well hydrated is important for everyone in the summer, but it can be crucial for seniors.  With the added sunshine and higher heat, even the act of sitting on the beach can quickly lead to dehydration and many negative health effects.
  • Lather up the lotion – Senior citizens are at a much higher risk of receiving damaging sunburns (some studies actually say they are three times more likely to receive a 2nd degree sunburn than someone in their 30s). Use sunscreen of at least SPF 50 to reduce your risk and wear a large sunhat.
  • Don’t forget to rest – Longer days means for more activity. Additional sunlight means disrupted sleep schedule.  Seniors need to remember that paramount to their health is allowing their body the extra time to recover from strenuous activity.

Summer fun is exactly that:  Fun.  Get out there and enjoy it, but make sure to keep yourself safe and healthy!

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