Very often we witness efficient wheel chair transportation services, disability transportation, handicap transportation taking care of the transportation needs of the elderly or the wheel chair bound people, but what is often missing is the laughter on these weathered faces.

Changing the age old phrase ‘A family that prays together, stays together’ to ‘people who laugh together stay together’, won’t be so befitting. With the health benefits of a good  laugh being uncovered, laughter is being increasingly prescribed as an effective medicine.

While laughter on one hand has shown to delay or prevent many physical and mental illnesses, on the other hand it is known to effectively combat chronic conditions like dementia, Parkinson, cancer and the likes. It has also proven to be beneficial to develop a strong immune system.

Laughter is contagious and knows no boundaries

Laughter is more contagious than a cough, sneeze or yawn. Often if you see someone laugh uncontrollably, it won’t be a surprise to find yourself rolling over with laughter, without knowing the cause. This shared laughter binds people together and increases the feeling of happiness among them. Laughter is universal and has no boundaries of language, age or gender.

 Laughter Triggers Changes In the Body

A good laugh is not just a good laugh after all. A good bout of laughter triggers many changes in the body, which we do not even realize. Laughing brings down the levels of the stress causing hormone- cortisol and releases the feel good substance -endorphins. It is also known to reduce blood pressure, increase heart rate and oxygen intake and improvise blood circulation. It releases the T-cells and the immunoglobulin A.

What Do These Changes Do?

The seemingly ineffective changes may seem not so very beneficial. But it is not so. The release of endorphins leaves the person feeling happy and content and reduces the perception of pain. The reduced cortisol levels, cause the reduction of any inflammation in the body and minimizes pain. The release of T-cells and immunoglobulin A boosts the immune system. The reduction in blood pressure and the increased heart rate and oxygen intake, substantially decrease the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Studies have proven that not just physically, but genuine belly shaking laughter has positive effects on the mental wellness too. Having a positive outlook is the key to battle depression, anxiety and loneliness. Moreover laughing promotes a feeling of emotional well being and stability.

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