If your in a wheelchair, here are some hobbies to try

With the advancement in technology, those in a wheelchair are no longer limiting themselves. Some activities are still not possible to do, but with a few simple ideas, you are will be able to enjoy some fun activities.

  1. BOARD GAMES- ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO PASS YOUR TIME: From Scrabble to solitaire and jigsaw puzzles, games are a great way to connect generations and keeps you engaged. If you are open to digital games, there’s a host of them online, and many retirement communities have found great interest in these games.
  2. DO SOMETHING CREATIVE OR LEARN SOMETHING NEW: Drawing, knitting, crocheting, painting, calligraphy, working with modeling clay, writing poetry, listening to music, spiritual talks, motivational speech, these can all be done at home while sitting on your chair. These activities are perfect for wheelchair bound seniors year round. It improves their skill and develops interest in these activities.
  3. MAKE A PHONE CALL: It’s such a simple activity, but has great benefits. Staying connected keeps you socially connected, gives you something to look forward to, and ensures that someone outside of you, knows how you are doing. It is a very good stress buster to have a talk with your near and dear ones, share your thoughts and views with them.
  4. EXPLORE THE INTERNET: Some older adults are still hesitant about using computers, but there are so many ways to get online these days and gather information about anything you are interested to know. Besides this, you can easily be connected to you family and friends via  social websites which can keep you engaged.
  5. PICK UP A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT:Especially if you learned an instrument in the past, picking that hobby back up would be a great pastime. Not only is learning an instrument something that can keep you busy, but playing an instrument also refreshes your mind. Music is a great source to brighten your life.

If you are unable to walk that does not mean your ability and skills are robbed. You can still pursue what you like and pass your time by enjoying in these kind of activities. Discover a hobby you enjoy the most and make the best out of it.

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